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Goodbye to the Apparatus

Deterministic frames are the bane of much of social science. Marshall Sahlins has done a worthy and readable job of lampooning and trying to understand the lure of such social science. I do want to try to make time for … Continue reading

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Hominem Quaero

Quaero Homines. A man in search of a man. A man in daylight holding up a lamp in parody, in pantomime. Diogenes of Sinope searched and did not find.  He wandered about in full daylight with his lamp; when asked … Continue reading

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Zizek!: The Method and the Madness

Up Close and Impersonal: A Portrait of The Manic Intellectual at The End of Time: Your correspondent, sent with a very modest stipend to report on the premiere of Zizek! the movie, encountered a flash mob at the same day … Continue reading

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